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Thursday, March 19, 2015

{Review} Radha Skincare

So I've been using a new skincare system for a few weeks now and I'm really excited to share it with y'all. I was a little bit skeptical because they are from a brand that I've never heard of but, on the plus side, they're actually very affordable. The brand is Radha Beauty and they concentrate most of their business on Amazon. 

The brand was co-founded by Rebekah Letch whose mother consistently applied oils to her hair and skin when she was a little girl. While Rebekah was working as a professional ballet dancer and model in her early adulthood, she found that the skincare and makeup products that makeup artists would use on her would either leave her skin broken out or very dry and flaky. That's what led her start this 100% pure and natural oil and skincare line in 2014. With healthy ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and no animal testing, Radha Beauty has a lot to offer not only the consumer, but the planet. With all that said, the products are still of professional, luxurious quality while still being good for you.

I was lucky enough to sample quite a few of the products that are available and have not had a single issue with skin sensitivity or breakouts. I have quite sensitive skin that becomes red and dry very easily if I switch from my regular products but since Radha Beauty is 100% pure and natural, it makes a big difference. 

The first item I tried was the Intensive Youth Eye Gel. The consistency of the eye gel is quite nice...not too thick, not too watery. It's a very soothing gel that glides on like a dream and you can feel it moisturizing but it's not too greasy so it's fine to use under your eye makeup. I used it under my concealer and setting powder and didn't have a single spot of creasing all day. Lovely!

Then there's the Vitamin C Serum. I tend to get a little leery when using Vitamin C products on my face because they tend to flare up my rosacea but this one is different. It's firming but not drying. I think it's the hyaluronic acid that really makes a difference in this one, which is just a fancy name for a naturally occurring acid that helps with moisturizing and reduces signs of aging. Sometimes using a serum before my moisturizer and makeup feels too heavy, like I've got too many layers on but I found that I can use this both in the morning and at night since it is so nice and light. 

Retinol?! Yes, I used the Retinol Moisturizer. Retinol used to sound like a bad word to me because I heard so many horror stories about women using retinol and how it burned so badly after applying. Well, I'm glad I gave this a shot because it's wonderful. I didn't have any burning {or even tingling} but this formula only has a 2.5% concentration so that could be why. Retinol is used to support cell turnover which improves texture and tone. I can definitely tell a difference in my pore size just a few minutes after applying the moisturizer which makes my makeup go on effortlessly and helps it stay put all day long without breaking up like it tends to do sometimes. I also noticed a nice firmness of my skin, but not so tight that it feels as though my skin could break open at any minute. Know what I mean?

There were also 2 body products that I received but that can be used most anywhere...body, hair, face. The Argan Oil comes in a beautiful blue glass bottle that would make any vanity or bathroom counter magazine-worthy. But it's more than just a pretty bottle, the product is self is wonderful and serves several purposes. Argan oil is one of the most popular oils on the market right now and is used in everything from facial moisturizers, hair products, shampoos, cosmetics, and body products, just to name a few. Radha recommends using their argon oil on your hair and scalp to combat split ends and dry scalp. Fortunately, I don't battle either of those but I was interested to use it on my body and face to see what all the hype is about with argan oil. It's also suggested as a good moisturizer for nails and hands, especially in the cold dry months of winter. So I gave it a shot on my body, hands, and nails right after getting out of the shower for a few days and I can see what everyone is raving about. When I hear oil, I think of a greasy mess that'll take forever to dry and then feel terrible when I put my clothes on. But this argan oil is great in that it quickly absorbed into the skin and dried quickly but still moisturized my skin and left it feeling soft and supple. 

The last product that I pulled out of the great big Amazon box was the 100% Fractionated Coconut Oil. We all know about the many uses of coconut oil and I have used a coconut oil before but it was the refined version which is solid when it's in the container and then melts from the warmth of your skin when applying it to your face or body. I never got on the band wagon too much with the refined version because sometimes it would take forever to rub in and then it would stay greasy for quite a while afterwards and never felt like it completely absorbed into my skin. So when I received the Radha brand coconut oil and saw that it was already in liquid form, I was enticed to try it to see if I would get better results. I was pleasantly surprised when it absorbed very quickly and left no greasy feeling at all. It moisturized very well and I even tried it out on my face after using the mud mask and it worked great.  

Thank you so much to BrandBacker for allowing me to share these products with y'all and I hope y'all have learned a lot about these great products. Radha also stands behind their product with a lifetime money back guarantee. No matter when or where you buy their product, if you're not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund with no questions asked. That's great customer service if you ask me!

Thank you all for stopping by and letting me share with you. If you've tried any of the Radha products please let me know in the comments. We love sharing here on the Lipgloss and Onesies Blog!

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